However, Agarwal says investors should have fixed income in their portfolio to mitigate risk. «Volatile markets are also periods where portfolios should be rebalanced to maintain the investment ratios of debt and equity among other assets. If a current investment portfolio does not have a fixed income component or the debt component is under represented it’s always advisable to get some exposure.

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iphone 6 plus case Offer limited to 1 per DIRECTV NOW account; 2 per household. Not combinable with select offers. 4K HD not avail. I believe it is important to look at this topic now because the world of players and rules surrounding the company is changing and this will likely change the way the market looks at Tesla. Investors who continue to view Tesla as playing in a world without significant competition are likely to reach different assessments of coming market sentiment and perhaps suffer as a result.Tesla What Success Looks Like To be successful enough to justify the current market valuation, Tesla must grow to many time its current size, perhaps 50 100 times current unit volume. This implies that the vision of a successful Tesla is of a carmaker producing 5 million to 10 million cars and trucks annually within a decade or so. iphone 6 plus case

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